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The best Samsung Galaxy Fold cases

The Samsung Galaxy Fold, with its foldable and flexible display, is also one of the most expensive smartphones ever released. Even with a cost of nearly $2,000, Samsung is urging people who buy the phone to take extra special care when using the device. Ironically, even with its high price and extra warnings on its use, Galaxy Fold cases are actually in short supply, at least at the moment.Samsung seems to be aware of this lack of third party Galaxy Fold cases, so the phone actually ships with one out of the box. This black cover is made of synthetic aramid fibers and is supposed to be of a slim design. However, there are a few other first and third-party Galaxy Fold cases you can currently buy if you are not happy with the default case. Here’s a look at the best current Samsung Galaxy Fold casesBuy Galaxy Fold at AT&T Best Samsung Galaxy Fold casesOfficial Samsung black leather caseOfficial Samsung white leather caseSpigen Thin Fit Ultra Hybrid by SpigenSpigen Tough ArmorUrban Armo…

Snapseed tutorial: How to edit a photo with your smartphone

Snapseed is among the best photo editor apps around. Google purchased the company responsible for making Snapseed back in 2012. Since then, its popularity has continued to increase. It is known for its simplicity and abundant feature set. The app is also free, so you might as well give it a go. The only tricky part is learning how to use Snapseed, which is what this post is all about.Modern smartphones can take stunning photos, but any photographer will tell you taking a shot is only half the battle. Editing is a fundamental part of the photography process, as it can turn good shots into stunning imagery.We will take you through the editing process of a single image shot with a smartphone, using the most important settings. We won’t cover all options available in Snapseed. That would require more time and involvement. Instead, these Snapseed image editing tips and tricks are meant to get you started with the basics, upon which you can improve as you learn more about editing and photog…