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The Galaxy Book S is a Qualcomm-powered laptop (Update: Pre-orders open)

Update, January 31, 2020 (05:55 PM ET): Well, it took a long time, but the Samsung Galaxy Book S is finally available for pre-order. The Windows-powered ultra-thin laptop will set you back $999. Click the button below to grab yours.Pre-Order Samsung Galaxy Book S Original article, August 7, 2019 (05:14 PM ET): During the Unpacked 2019 event today, Samsung surprisingly unveiled the Galaxy Book S.The Galaxy Book S is Samsung’s latest Windows-powered laptop and one of the first to feature the Qualcomm Snapcragon 8cx chipset. The Snapdragon 8cx is a 7nm 1.8GHz octa-core processor and can burst to 2.8GHz when you need a bit more power. There’s also built-in LTE, with no mention of supported carriers yet.Also read:Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Plus are here: Everything you need to knowThe Galaxy Book S also features a 13.3-inch Full HD touch display, stereo speakers, a fingerprint sensor on the power button with support for Windows Hello, 8GB of RAM, 256 or 512GB of storage, a microSD c…

Check out this stretchable battery that could power your future wearable

Most smartwatches and fitness wearables need to be designed in a certain way because they need to house a rigid battery. However, a team at Stanford has a good idea for how to fix that: what if you had a stretchable battery that could move with your body?As first shown off on the Stanford engineering site, the stretchable battery prototype can move, bend, and stretch in all manners of ways. While that’s happening, the current created by the battery is unaffected.In the video above, you can see how the battery (the goopy-looking white thing) powers a small LED light. Notice that as the person stretches and moves the battery around, the light doesn’t even so much as flicker.The team at Stanford created this prototype based on previous technology. In many lithium-ion batteries (such as the one in your smartphone), there’s a polymer gel that moves negative ions to the battery’s positive pole, which creates energy. The Stanford team figured out a way to make that liquid polymer into a more…

Make elite image edits with Photomatix Pro Plus

One of the most important tools that pro photographers use to get their lighting just right is High DynamicRange(HDR). You may have seen it in Adobe Lightroom, or even on some of the hotter smartphone cameras.You can dive deep into the capabilities of HDR and editing with Photomatix Pro Plus. It’s an affordable alternative to the Adobe family, and that’s even more true with this Tech Deals offer. Six different HDR styles to give you flexibility and power. You might already have Lightroom and think its HDR effect is sufficient. It might be, but Lightroom only has the one option. Photomatix has six different HDR styles to give you flexibility and power. Whether you need a natural look with Exposure Fusion or you want automation with batch processing, you’ll find that Photomatix meets your needs.This bundle comes with much more than just the base program. In addition to Photomatix Pro, you also get the streamlined Essentials version and the Tone Mapping plugin for Photoshop. The plugin hel…

Huawei Mate X2 could fold inward, as it probably should have in the first place

Although it’s incredibly difficult to get a Huawei Mate X anywhere outside of China, that won’t stop the company from eventually releasing a Huawei Mate X2, probably sometime in 2020. Judging from some newly-leaked patents (via 91Mobiles), the Mate X2 might be more like the Samsung Galaxy Fold.What we mean by that, of course, is that the patent shows a foldable that folds inward rather than outward. This makes more sense as the highly delicate foldable display gets protected when you throw it into your bag or shove it into your coat pocket.The Mate X, though, folds outward, so the display is consistently in danger from outside elements.Check out the patent images of the unreleased Huawei foldable device below (colorized and augmented by 91Mobiles):
To be clear, there’s nothing in these patents that indicates this is the design of the Huawei Mate X2. This could be an entirely different phone or simply a prototype. It also could be nothing at all, just a patent Huawei filed in case it ne…

Deal: Save 43% on the highly-rated Sennheiser RS120 Headphones

You don’t need to be an audiophile to be familiar with Sennheiser. Now you don’t have to break the bank to experience the quality of the sound either. You can leave wires behind and take advantage of 43% savings on the Sennheiser RS120 On-Ear Headphones from Amazon.These headphones are all about performance. For starters, the Sennheiser RS120 offers interference-free reception for stereo sound from up to 300 feet away. You can maximize clarity with a choice of three different RF channels. You can also combine up to 100 receivers and listen with all of your friends. Decades of Sennheiser expertise to ensure premium sound quality, reliability, and durability. It’s worth noting that the Sennheiser RS120 headphones aren’t Bluetooth powered. Instead, they rely on a 926 MegaHertz radiofrequency for interference-free reception through walls and ceilings. You just connect the transmitter to whatever you’re listening to and go about your business.The Open-Aire and lightweight design are perfect …

This week in Apple: iOS 14 could come to lots of iPhones, Neil Young talks smack

This week in Apple news we heard a rumor that iOS 14 could land on a lot more iPhones than originally anticipated. If the rumor is true, iOS 14 will hit every iPhone that iOS 13 hit, which would be quite noteworthy.Elsewhere, we heard Neil Young talking smack about the MacBook Pro, Apple’s crazy-high revenue report, a weird patent for a curved glass iMac, and the celebration of the tenth anniversary of the very first iPad, and more.See the Apple news roundup below for all the latest.The top Apple news stories of the past week:EU votes to force Apple to adopt USB-C standard on iPhones: Although Apple said it would stifle “innovation” (which makes no sense), the EU voted overwhelmingly to establish a standard electronics charger across Europe. The EU is likely to select the USB-C charger as the standard, with the rules taking effect in July.Old iPhones might still get iOS 14: Usually, when Apple launches a new version of iOS, one or two older devices get knocked off the list for receivi…

Yeah, Motion Sense is just a gimmick, but I still want it on the Pixel 5

I rarely buy new technology for myself. That’s partly because I work for a website that sends me technology to review, and partly because I don’t like spending money too often. But I ended up purchasing the Pixel 4 XL on launch day because (among other reasons) I was genuinely excited for Motion Sense.Motion Sense is the Pixel 4’s gimmick. Try to explain your way out of it, but it’ll always be a gimmick. It uses some advanced radar sensors that let you do various things with your phone that you can’t do on other phones. None of these things are totally necessary to the smartphone experience. In fact, leaving Motion Sense turned on actually has a negative effect on the Pixel 4’s already bad battery, so one could argue Motion Sense is more of a detriment to the phone than a help.But I’m here to say I like Motion Sense and I hope it sticks around through the Pixel 5.Motion Sense is best when you don’t have to think about itWhy, Jimmy, are you revisiting Motion Sense now, three months int…