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Sony Xperia Z1 Mini Specs and Screen Shot Leaked

We first caught wind of the rumored Xperia Z1 mini back when it was still known as the “Sony Honami mini” and it was rumored to finally be the smaller version of a powerhouse smartphone which retained the high-end specs of its big brother. Today, another leak has come out which seems to confirm those high-end specs in a much more pocketable version of the Xperia Z1. In a purported brochure for Japanese carrier NTT Docomo, the Xperia Z1 mini is compared against the Xperia Z1 revealing very similar specifications. While this could still be a fake, it looks to be very convincing. While my Japanese isn’t as good as it used to be (okay, it was never any good), we can still decipher that the Xperia Z1 mini matches the larger Xperia Z1 in many aspects including the processor, RAM and camera. The Xperia Z1 mini is said to retain the quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor clocked at 2.2 GHz, as well as the 20.7MP G Lens camera, IP 58 rated dust and water resistance and 2GB RAM found in the Xperia Z1.…

Samsung Invests $4 Million into PowerbyProxi, a New Wireless Charging Standard

Wireless charging was supposed to change the way we charged our phones, and in a way would revolutionize the phone industry by making it easier than ever to charge our devices in general.  Samsung launched the Galaxy S4 with the option to purchase a wireless charging mat, and we even sell a kit for it that comes with the wireless charger and a replacement back that supports the Qi wireless charging standard.  This standard is the same one that Google used when it build wireless charging in to the Nexus 4, and later the 2013 Nexus 7.  Samsung and Google and continuing to support the Qi wireless standard with new devices, and Samsung will have even more wireless charging accessories for the Galaxy Note 3 when they become available.  Still all these devices do not ship with a wireless charger, and that’s likely the biggest hurdle.  So why with wireless charging products on the market is Samsung investing in new wireless charging standards?  Your best guess is as good as ours, but we’ve g…

Microsoft Surface Mini coming next year?

Aside from the new Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2, we also expected to see Microsoft announcing the smaller Surface Mini. Alas, that hasn’t happened but that doesn’t mean the Redmond giant won’t make such a device. According to a ZDNet report, that model has been delayed and will be introduced at some point next year, boasting Windows RT rather than full-blown Windows 8.1. This means it will use an ARM-based chip (or Intel Atom) along with a 7- to 7.5-inch screen. It is said that Microsoft first wants to complete the “Sprint 2014 GDR” update for the Windows RT and only then launch the Surface Mini. In addition, the report says the company is moving engineers from other departments to the Xbox unit; plus, let’s not forget the acquisition of Nokia, which will undoubtedly further complicate things.
We do want to see the Surface Mini but are still wondering whether Microsoft has what it takes to compete in this saturated market dominated by an onslaught of cheap Android tablets and Apple’s iPad…

Mozilla working on a second-screen solution for Firefox

Just like Google, Mozilla too wants a piece of the second screen market. The company is reportedly testing the new technology that would allow users to beam content from their mobile browser to the TV. In a statement sent to Engadget, Mozilla said it is “conducting some experiments around second-screen support with a number of devices,” adding that this is at “investigation stage” and that we’ll rather have to wait a little longer to see this technology officially announced. It’s likely Mozilla’s solution will require some hardware like Google’s Chromecast but you never know. Perhaps they end-up relying on existing technologies like WiDi or Miracast. Alas — and as I said it before — we’ll have to wait a little longer to get all the details. Stay tuned in the meantime…

Chronus CyanogenMod’s cLock Widget Makes Its Way to Google Play

The CyanogenMod ROM has a few great aspects to it, thanks to all of the hard work that third-party developers submit to it. One of the neat apps that gets baked into the custom ROM is a widget by the name of cLock aka Chronus. The widget looks like your average Android clock widget, but it also adds in your upcoming scheduled events, as well as your current weather conditions. It’s a clean and good-looking widget, which is now available through Google Play for anyone who wants to use it on their own device. And better yet, it’s completely free to download.  The widget allows for quite a few customizations, so there is no doubt that you can tweak it to any point you would like. It will be a very valuable asset to your device’s homescreen. Go grab it.
Play Link

Moto X Camera Comparing to other Android Devices

The new software improves the Moto X camera, but how does it compare to other Android phones?The Moto X camera got quite an update last week. It looks as if focus, color compensation, and the magic algorithms that turn data into pictures was tweaked pretty heavily, too. There were some really good comparisons between the old and the new when the update rolled out to T-Mobile customers. The Developer Edition Moto X also shipped with the new software, and it gave me a chance to grab a handful of popular Android phones and snap a few pictures.  Folks are curious how well the "new" Moto X camera compares to the other great phones out there, and hopefully this will help. Hit the break, have a look. It's a pretty dreadful day here, but between rain showers I was able run up to post office with my bag o' phones. I also flipped on a couple daylight color temp lamps and took some indoor pictures. My methods: Everything automaticTap to focus, then shoot enabled if availableAuto H…

Dead On Arrival 2 Game Review

N3V games has had their upcoming Zombie survival game in beta for the better part of 2013, but as of two days ago the game was released onto the play store for all. Surpassing the original in just about every way, DOA2 gives you that feeling of awesome that can only be experienced while mowing down undead meat bags with a bevy of weapons.

When it comes to dual stick top down shooters, you won’t soon forget the mayhem of DOA 2. Fancy yourself a survivalist and think you can withstand the horrors to come? Well open up the game, login and find out just how much of a badass you really are. You’ll have multiple opportunities to prove it, and all by your lonesome or with up to three others in co-op mode. Co-op is cross platform by the way.

Whether you choose to brave the hordes alone or with a group of friends, one thing’s for certain, you’ll have plenty of firepower to aid you in laying waste to everything in your path. From handguns to crossbows, to mini guns and rocket launchers, (even a f…

EA delivers as Tetris Blitz arrives for free on Windows Phone 8

September has been a strong month for Xbox games on Windows Phone, especially given the scarcity of titles in previous months. Six-GunsThe Sims FreePlay, and Angry Birds Star Wars II have all debuted as free or 99 cent titles. Now we can add another free to play game to that list with Tetris Blitz from Electronic Arts. Tetris Blitz is a fast-paced two minute version of the classic puzzle game. It runs on Windows Phone 8 devices (including those with 512 MB of RAM). Head past the break for plenty of gameplay details and Store link! Not your grandpappy’s Tetris
Tetris has always been a puzzle game mainstay, so what makes this version special? Tetris Blitz was designed from the ground up for mobile play. Instead of marathon gaming sessions, games of Blitz last for two minutes at a time. It’s a mad race to earn the highest possible score within that time and hopefully outdo your friends. Adding to the excitement is the new Frenzy mode. Rack up enough points to fill a meter and you'll en…

6tag update allows you to pin your favorite Instagram peeps to your Start screen

Version 1.4 brings with it a few new features, including image rotation, which is found in the official iOS and Android apps. Now you can align and move around your photo before submitting, ensuring that your images are straight as a board. In addition, there is now a light and dark theme for the Modern UI, which should give the app a little more pizazz. Finally, there is something new we weren’t expecting: you can now pin your favorite user sto the Start Screen as a Live Tile. That’s a fantastic example of making use of the Windows Phone UI and abilities, as not even the official app on iOS or Android can do such a thing.
Pin your favorite Instagram people to the Start screen To pin a user to your Start screen, simply head into their profile, hit the three menu dots near the bottom and select ‘Pin to Start’. This will create a medium wide tile that flips with their latest post. You can also make it small or go for the doublewide if you’re so inclined. It’s certainly a fantastic feature,…

Microsoft is Taking the Xbox One on Tour!

The fall tour season is looking like it’s going to be a big one. Today Microsoft announced it’s taking its Xbox One on the road, giving folks in select cities a chance to experience the Xbox One in advance of its release. So bring your earplugs and work out your headbanging muscles, folks. This tour is going to wail! Google announced yesterday it’s taking Glass on tour, now Microsoft has dropped its hat in the ring. Who’s going  to be the can’t miss tour of 2013. Microsoft’s been known to put on a great show, but sometimes they suck live. Still, the fliers for this show are already spelling out a blowout! Test Drive
Xbox One is hitting the road with four decked out Xbox One trucks. Meet us at a Test Drive stop in one of the cities below and we’ll put a controller in your hands, a game on the screen, and a spring in your step that’ll carry you through to launch.
Area One
Drop in** on one of our Area One parties to experience the new Xbox One console before it goes on sale November 22. With …

10 New Android Apps Worth Checking Out

New apps need lovin’ too, right? Every day there are thousands of new entries on the Google Play store, but many go unnoticed and never receive the attention they deserve. Browse our new Android app picks below and let us know which ones you enjoy.
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