6tag update allows you to pin your favorite Instagram peeps to your Start screen

6tag v1.4

Version 1.4 brings with it a few new features, including image rotation, which is found in the official iOS and Android apps. Now you can align and move around your photo before submitting, ensuring that your images are straight as a board. In addition, there is now a light and dark theme for the Modern UI, which should give the app a little more pizazz.
Finally, there is something new we weren’t expecting: you can now pin your favorite user sto the Start Screen as a Live Tile. That’s a fantastic example of making use of the Windows Phone UI and abilities, as not even the official app on iOS or Android can do such a thing.

Pin your favorite Instagram people to the Start screen
To pin a user to your Start screen, simply head into their profile, hit the three menu dots near the bottom and select ‘Pin to Start’. This will create a medium wide tile that flips with their latest post. You can also make it small or go for the doublewide if you’re so inclined. It’s certainly a fantastic feature, if you ask us.
Head to the Windows Phone Store now to get 6tag, version 1.4. It just went live, so you may have to wait and refresh before you see it.

Thanks, Jaimin C., for the tip!
QR: 6tag


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