This week in Android: Pre-Amazon Prime Day deals and Galaxy M40 review

Samsung Galaxy M40 vs Redmi Note 7 Pro profile in hand

This week was a bit slow on the news front, but there was still plenty to talk about. First and foremost, we updated our Amazon Prime Day 2019 guide with early deals, tips and tricks, deals on Whole Foods purchases, and Canada deals.

We also spent the past week taking a closer look at devices new and old. Our Samsung Galaxy M40 review dropped, and while it isn’t the best value out there, it’s a damned good-looking phone. We also took an in-depth look at the Google Pixel 2 XL vs the Pixel 3a XL to help you decide which is the better buy (spoiler: the answer is actually pretty tough!).

In other news, Samsung has apparently fixed the Galaxy Fold’s issues, and we teach you how to repair your headphone cable DIY-style.

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