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Coding is one of the most versatile skills you can acquire for any tech-related field, but there’s a learning curve involved. It’s difficult to know where to start unless you’ve got yourself a one-stop training collection like the Legendary Learn to Code Bundle.

This bundle features some of the world’s most in-demand programming languages and platforms, and it spoon-feeds them to you in an easy-to-follow format. The best part is that you can pay what you want today.

The Legendary Learn to Code Bundle contains over 120 hours of instruction led by experts. Whether you’re a complete beginner or a veteran coder, the training you receive can open up an array of new career doors and opportunities.

The Legendary Learn to Code Bundle:

If you add up the individual kit values, the bundle would cost you over $1,900, but right now it’s on a ‘pay what you want’ promotion.

All you need to do is name your price for the entire Legendary Learn to Code Bundle. If it’s above the average, which was around $12 at the time of writing, you’ll get the whole thing.

Anything under the average, even if it’s just $1, and you’ll still walk away with the HTML5 Game Development for Beginners with Phaser, which is valued at $200 alone.

As more aspiring coders jump in on this deal, the average value quickly rises. Over 1,600 people have already begun their path to programming. Don’t lag behind; hit that button below to start.

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